Bernard finally shows his face!


Well, I tell you I gonna talk ’bout Miz Stella, but this is moar interesting!

Remember Bernard? The cat that never showed his face? He has a face and I take a snapshot of it!

I discovered that he’s like the Parker‘s twin, except of his eyes, but they’re twins!

You can see is face?

This feral kitty finally shows his face

Can you see bernard's face now?

I never mind this wuz goin’ to happen, but it really happened, he has a byootiful face, I don’t know why he don’t want anyone to see it…

Note: I didn’t used the flashy thing so everything’s blur, I promess tomorrow THE POST ‘BOUT MIZ STELLA!


Mom, stop that!



Mom, i’m not in the mood for photos! Stop! I’ll bite you! (Stella bites Mom and Mom stills taking photos, wifout flash)

Let me out!


Hey, I caugth a baby leezard in a wine cup!

Let me out

Oh gosh, Stella, let me out!

His name is Waggles, because of the way he wags his tail


 I want to be freee!

Finally, Mom tell me to let him out

You can see moar photos here:

Baby Leezardz


All the photos from May 2008

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Oh not again!


Dear diary,

I was taken more than one time, here’s the footage 😮
Cute face

One of my cute faces 🙂