I’m very wicked!


Visit the ginger of the day: Massagist Kitty

Hahaha! you won’t believe what I did yesterday:

Nany wanted to photograph birds, but she wanted to attract them, but, she hasn’t bird food, so she taked HAMMY FOOD!

In that moment, Nany heard a big sound, it wuz my stomach saying “I’m HANGRY!”

So I had to eat somefing, rigth?

The closest thing wuz the hammy food so…

Hammy food!
I 8 the hammy food!

Sorry mom
Waz I VERY VERY wicked?


Mom, stop that!



Mom, i’m not in the mood for photos! Stop! I’ll bite you! (Stella bites Mom and Mom stills taking photos, wifout flash)

Black lizardz are COOL


This week i’m taking nice photos 🙂 I was testing with this black lizard and I take nice piks:

 Black Baby 1
Black Baby 2
Black Baby 3

I’m starting to be an expurrt!

Have a nice day

Happy almost Friday




Peace can’t make the impawsible, or that I finked.

Stifler and I are enemies since we met, he’s just sleeping and never works, he’s a lazy guy. Sometimes he wishes to make the impawsible pawsible, like world peace and all that stuff…

Before, I fink world peace was impawsible, because humans can’t make it since lots of years, so ‘if hoomans can’t, I can’t ‘. But we animals are different, humans need to learn about us. For example, googling “animal friends” at pictures results are a mouse in the frogs back and all this fings…

But Stifler and me? Impawsible!!!! one day Stifler told me “can I play with you just one time?”  well, I had to anwer “yes”, that cute hamster crying hurts! and I play with him all the afternoon, and I felt like….awwww, I never mind he was so cute…after that day, I believed in peace, it was pawsible!


I’m FURRY angry!


Furry angry

Guess what, I make a reception at Karl and ruis’ Wedding Recepshun, and everything was ok. Troubles start when the telepurrters I used didn’t werk, well it werked, but somefing that rains humans call ALMA didn’t let me complete the telepurrtin’, they stopped at the middle of the road, I finished wet and there’s was just 1 fing to do, telepurrt me home. Sowwy if I didn’t get quikly to the wedding, but this is a tropical country and don’t blame me.



All the photos from May 2008

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LOLSpeak Thursday

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Prefessur Stella, autorized by SpeakLOLSpeak PAWS Universitee will be yer professur to learn the Speak LOLSpeak basics

Today’ Lessen: 1: LOLSpeak 101

Lessong by: Proffeser Elfinugget

Step one: Think of something to say. This is tricky for some people. ;) We’ll try a simple, common comment to start:
“That’s a really cute cat. And look, he has a bow on his head!”
Step two: “Engrish” it. 1) Mis-decline verbs, especially misuse the verb “to be”
2) Misuse gerunds
3) Overuse prepositional phrases
4) Blatant rearrangement of syntax
5) Incorrect plurals and past-tense verbs
6) “noun” your adjectives. (For instance, the adjective “blue” can become the noun “blueness”)
7) Improper pronouns
8 ) Drop the articles (”a”, “and”, “the”) in favor of adding “-age” to the end of a noun
9) Use “younger” words (”kitty” versus “cat”, “fuzzy” versus “furry”, etc.)
10) Use the word “with” inappropriately.
11) If you really can’t wrap your head around the concepts behind “Engrish”, try this: Go to babelfish.altavista.com, type your desired comment in, hit “english-to-Japanese”, then re-translate back to English. You have to be able to view special characters (the kanji). If you can’t get that to work, try translating to a different, european-text language, like German.

So, we get: “That being the kitty very full of cuteness. And to be with looking! Him gots bowage on hims head!”
Step three: Misspell everything. There’s no wrong way to do this, just try not to accidentally correctly spell a completely different word (especially one that’s pronounced differently than your spelling intends). Some words (usually short words) should simply remain spelled correctly for continuity’s sake. 1) Think like a little kid / cat / dog / goldfish, and get hukd on foniks
2) I cannot stress this enough: Vowels are your friends! Do not neglect vowels!! We’re speaking LolKitteh here, not text messaging! (My advice: use alternate vowels, Y’s are particularly handy, but don’t overuse them.)
3) Extra W’s and H’s (”awl” instead of “all”)
4) Z’s instead of S’s are easy
5) Double-letters versus single letters are always fun
6) Don’t be afraid to further pluralize things, including your verbs
7) Remember that the word “THE” must always be spelled “TEH”

now, we have: “Dat beesing teh kiti vary ful ov kutenis. An to bees lukingz! Hims gotz bowwagez on hims hed!!”
Step four: Add exclamations and extra words. 1) Use commonly accepted internet abbreviations. Misspell them if necessary. (LOL = lawlz! ROTFL = rofflz! OMG = omgwtfbbq!?! … etc … )
2) Imagine that you’re actually in a crowd of people and you want everyone to look at this particular picture. Extra exclamations are thus necessary.
3) Think Valley Girl. The words “like,” “totally,” etc can be added. Remember to misspell!
4) Some common statements have been severely abbreviated into one single multi-syllabic word. These are good to use. The best example is “Okay, thank you, good-bye!” Which has been shortened to “kthxbye” (or “kthxbai”)

And, we have: “OMG wau!! Dat beesing a kiti vary ful ov tewtul kutenis!! Bees wif da lukingz! Omg him gotz da bowwagez on himz hed lyk WTF?!?”
Step five: Add additional information. This can be the desire to interact with the subject of the photo, personal information, empathetic or sympathetic statements, responses to other posts, etc. Again, nothing right or wrong here, just whatever comes to mind.

Finally:“OMG wau!! Dat beesings a kiti vary ful ov tewtul kutenis!! Bees wif da lukingz!! Omg him gotz da bowwagez on himz hed lyk WTF?!? OMG I tewtul wuntz to grabz dat kiti and fuzziez himz awl ovar … him sooooooo mooshy an fullz ov win!! Don werry lil kiti, I no eetz u! I luvz kitiz! I can has bunchiz ov dem! Mah kitiz luvz bowwagez too! YETH!! GIMME!! Kthxbai!”
Remember that all of the above steps are basic guidelines for conversational lol-cat. Some regions do not always rearrange syntax. This a treasure for you. With some practice, you too can be writing (and speaking) in Conversational LolKitteh!

plz 2 note: this class is copyright ELFN 2007, all rights reserved, pliz to be kreditz if u be usingz da verbatumz kthxbai.

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