What is yoo?



Miz Stella: I iz Miz Stella, come to control yer werld! to pulay wif yoo!


Stella: Iz yoo reel?

Miz Stella: Yoo fink I’m aren’t?

Stella: Mom! There’s a stuffy talking to mez! HALP!

Mom: What’s wrong Stella? Oh, you met Miz Stella, izn’t see adorable? It put her so yoo can go fur a ride!


Stella: No! Mom what you doin’?

Miz Stella: We gonna be best frends!

I’m purrticipatin’ in an Brownie’s adventure contest, choose my best dress and the chosen one will be in a Brownies adventure on monday! YOU CAN SEE THE HEER, then you can vote here! (the first one you can see it here:)


Bernard finally shows his face!


Well, I tell you I gonna talk ’bout Miz Stella, but this is moar interesting!

Remember Bernard? The cat that never showed his face? He has a face and I take a snapshot of it!

I discovered that he’s like the Parker‘s twin, except of his eyes, but they’re twins!

You can see is face?

This feral kitty finally shows his face

Can you see bernard's face now?

I never mind this wuz goin’ to happen, but it really happened, he has a byootiful face, I don’t know why he don’t want anyone to see it…

Note: I didn’t used the flashy thing so everything’s blur, I promess tomorrow THE POST ‘BOUT MIZ STELLA!

The new old house comic



I like the old one

I like the old one

The box again?

I can't see the birds

Tomorrow you’ll know about Miz Stella and me!

I don’t dissappeared


I was just too sad, maybe you see my “let’s party post”, I wuz thinking if delete it or not, Toosday was not just to party, we lose a frend: Stifler crossed the bridge that day…

You may fink: “why did you miss Stifler, you see it just like food!”, he was not just like food, he was a friend, and a way to do not be bored….and he gaves me his best teasure: Miz Stella 😥

The last think he did was the pawty, just for me, oh god I am crying 😦

I don’t dissapeared, I was just too sad too talk. Now my birthday will be remembered as a memoriam, I don’t want that….

I’ll post later ’bout Miz Stella, I’m still sad to talk 😦