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Who has to be the photo for the UC (United Cats) photography contest?

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Sprinkles again

Why? Sprinkles was such a cute girl, she has to be in the contest!

How to Vote?

Fur example:

If you like the second one

U will comment:

I want ot vote B

it’s easy!

Deadline: June 25


Black lizardz are COOL


This week i’m taking nice photos 🙂 I was testing with this black lizard and I take nice piks:

 Black Baby 1
Black Baby 2
Black Baby 3

I’m starting to be an expurrt!

Have a nice day

Happy almost Friday




Peace can’t make the impawsible, or that I finked.

Stifler and I are enemies since we met, he’s just sleeping and never works, he’s a lazy guy. Sometimes he wishes to make the impawsible pawsible, like world peace and all that stuff…

Before, I fink world peace was impawsible, because humans can’t make it since lots of years, so ‘if hoomans can’t, I can’t ‘. But we animals are different, humans need to learn about us. For example, googling “animal friends” at pictures results are a mouse in the frogs back and all this fings…

But Stifler and me? Impawsible!!!! one day Stifler told me “can I play with you just one time?”  well, I had to anwer “yes”, that cute hamster crying hurts! and I play with him all the afternoon, and I felt like….awwww, I never mind he was so cute…after that day, I believed in peace, it was pawsible!


All the photos from May 2008

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Stellaluna’s Saturdays

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Today’s Topic: Treats


Mmmm…I remember Silvi’s pawty on tuesday…dance, divas, hamsters on wheels, party, dance and the cake…mmm


How’s that cake? ok lets sing Happy purrday:

Happy purrday to you (purr purr)

Happy purrday to you (purr purr)

Happy purrday dear Silvi

Happy purrday to you (purrrrr)

(pur a lot and everyone claps)


Ok, now you can see the cake





I’ll stay all saturday eating cake

See ya!

Friday Quizzie answers

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Today is the quizzie answers post, but before I want ot say some noos:

  1. My blog is about my life outside, but there’s a big storm today and won’t stop until maybe 4 days more, so I can’t stay outside. But if you want to tell yer life outside, send me an e-mail (comment and I will tell you because of the spammers) or comment on the about page or here.
  2. Stellaluna’s Saturday’s will be up tomorrow, I can’t write, but I can schedule!
  3. Don’t be alarmed about me, if somefing happen, I’ll repurrt it when I find a computer
  4. Stifler is in the same situation, we are neighbors, purray for him too
  5. Yes, I will be in the Karl and Ruis’ Wedding!

 Now the answers!

These are the real answer of the sunflower’s quizzie:

Sunflower answers

Have a nice weekend everybody

Quizzie Monday


Whoa, I reach the 360 visitors so quickly! and did you see the whole new banner? see?, I had to change the design to put it 😦 I liked the thirteen theme, but I like Greenery anyway


Today’s Quizzie monday belongs to Stifler, who tell me to translate he post to english, so here I come:

What did they say?

Stifler’s Killer sunflowers want to tell Stifler why they attack him (yes, everyone wants to eat Stifler hehee)

can you guess what is the answer?

 Stifler say the most creative wins! so use yer imagination! More

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