Today is the quizzie answers post, but before I want ot say some noos:

  1. My blog is about my life outside, but there’s a big storm today and won’t stop until maybe 4 days more, so I can’t stay outside. But if you want to tell yer life outside, send me an e-mail (comment and I will tell you because of the spammers) or comment on the about page or here.
  2. Stellaluna’s Saturday’s will be up tomorrow, I can’t write, but I can schedule!
  3. Don’t be alarmed about me, if somefing happen, I’ll repurrt it when I find a computer
  4. Stifler is in the same situation, we are neighbors, purray for him too
  5. Yes, I will be in the Karl and Ruis’ Wedding!

 Now the answers!

These are the real answer of the sunflower’s quizzie:

Sunflower answers

Have a nice weekend everybody