Bernard finally shows his face!


Well, I tell you I gonna talk ’bout Miz Stella, but this is moar interesting!

Remember Bernard? The cat that never showed his face? He has a face and I take a snapshot of it!

I discovered that he’s like the Parker‘s twin, except of his eyes, but they’re twins!

You can see is face?

This feral kitty finally shows his face

Can you see bernard's face now?

I never mind this wuz goin’ to happen, but it really happened, he has a byootiful face, I don’t know why he don’t want anyone to see it…

Note: I didn’t used the flashy thing so everything’s blur, I promess tomorrow THE POST ‘BOUT MIZ STELLA!


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Sprinkles again

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Meet 2 new cats at the cat corner

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Wow, did you know the our friends at Zoolatry are in the same situation??? What a small world!



3 years all average

Quote: “The cat that never shows his face”

Note he is never shows his face, a cat that never shows his face is very weird, we like humans to see our faces, rigth?



Age Unknown

Quote: “watch the camera and run!”

Did you watched the cat yesterday, I fink you’re finking she is that one, nope, she’s her sisfur, she is called Mika. In this opurrtunity, she was running, but I tell her to stay like a statue, but feral cats get nervous eezyly so when she saw the *flash* she started running….

Did you note she can be Gree’s twin??? I think she is the one!