Weekend cat bloggin' #160

I saw my WCB post was too long, so I decide to make another, you can Still posting here

[Pleez visit the Ginger of the day: Stellaluna’s Twin!]

Let’s begin!

  1. Stellaluna (me) is being wicked, as usual, but this time with Stifler :[
  2. Rosa is in a heatwave, ufff!
  3. The Hotties posted somefing byootiful about some SPCA kitties
  4. Things are looking good at icanhaspnutbutr??
  5. Samantha and Mr Tigger are playing outside
  6. Sebastian at FurryPaws loves Greenies (who doesn’t?)
  7. Mog is tasting the Temptations!
  8. Wow, Luna likes to scratch!