What is yoo?



Miz Stella: I iz Miz Stella, come to control yer werld! to pulay wif yoo!


Stella: Iz yoo reel?

Miz Stella: Yoo fink I’m aren’t?

Stella: Mom! There’s a stuffy talking to mez! HALP!

Mom: What’s wrong Stella? Oh, you met Miz Stella, izn’t see adorable? It put her so yoo can go fur a ride!


Stella: No! Mom what you doin’?

Miz Stella: We gonna be best frends!

I’m purrticipatin’ in an Brownie’s adventure contest, choose my best dress and the chosen one will be in a Brownies adventure on monday! YOU CAN SEE THE HEER, then you can vote here! (the first one you can see it here:)


I don’t dissappeared


I was just too sad, maybe you see my “let’s party post”, I wuz thinking if delete it or not, Toosday was not just to party, we lose a frend: Stifler crossed the bridge that day…

You may fink: “why did you miss Stifler, you see it just like food!”, he was not just like food, he was a friend, and a way to do not be bored….and he gaves me his best teasure: Miz Stella 😥

The last think he did was the pawty, just for me, oh god I am crying 😦

I don’t dissapeared, I was just too sad too talk. Now my birthday will be remembered as a memoriam, I don’t want that….

I’ll post later ’bout Miz Stella, I’m still sad to talk 😦

WCB: Tasting, Tasting!


Weekend cat bloggin' #160

Remenber WCB is here this weekend!

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Make a confeshun!


The hamster wuz missing yesterday

Stella: Stifler, this is not a joke game, it’s the real life, what do you haf to say?

Stifler: Well, I always took ‘nigth hikes’ but I fink this nigth I make a little excess

Stella: Did you notice all the damage you did?

Stifler: Damage? Where, I fink you ate many catnip

Stellaluna: Stifler, seriously, tell me why you do it?

Stifler: I want, I want to be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

(window breaks)

Whoops, I made an excess

Stella: You always get exceded….


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Thursday Thirteen


Dear Diary,

I didn’t have to complete my plot to complete it, ok, I’ll explain you because it’s very confusing:


I want to use the hamster in a wicked plan hehee, make something bad to the hamster, but no so bad, just a joke, but it worked better than I imagined
I'm watching you

  1. Watch carefully my prey hamster and he will be calmed
  2. Let him stay calm, like it was recording a video, it was easy
  3. Play with him, talk to him, let it be yer frend for some minutes
  4. Try to not attack         Not attack
  5. Later put yer paws and try to bite the cage, but try to do it carefully
  6. Talk about a topic not related to food or hamsters, like, well, surf.
  7. Don’t forget the cage has to be it a HIGH place
  8. Never lose the sight of the hamster, or he’ll lose yer atenshun
  9. If he is wif a purrsun, you have to take care of that person, so you’ll get what you want Hmmm...
  10. If you’re hungry, you have to resist!
  11. Find the purrfect time to do the next
  12. When the hooman is not watching, you just throw the hamster’s cage (with the hamster)
  13. Hear the hamster crying


The best of this: You’ll not get acused becuz anyone will suspect, you instintively will put an ‘I  wasn’t’ face, but in my case, the hoomans haf evidence 😦

 Incredible tail ;)

The pet picker

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For my dominashun plot I have to pick a speshul pet, for that I visited Animal Planet and their game “pet picker” to choose the rigth pet for you:

The pet picker game

Then you get questions about the time with your pet, how is your home..blah blah

but this is my result:
A rodent???



You can play pet picker here



Peace can’t make the impawsible, or that I finked.

Stifler and I are enemies since we met, he’s just sleeping and never works, he’s a lazy guy. Sometimes he wishes to make the impawsible pawsible, like world peace and all that stuff…

Before, I fink world peace was impawsible, because humans can’t make it since lots of years, so ‘if hoomans can’t, I can’t ‘. But we animals are different, humans need to learn about us. For example, googling “animal friends” at pictures results are a mouse in the frogs back and all this fings…

But Stifler and me? Impawsible!!!! one day Stifler told me “can I play with you just one time?”  well, I had to anwer “yes”, that cute hamster crying hurts! and I play with him all the afternoon, and I felt like….awwww, I never mind he was so cute…after that day, I believed in peace, it was pawsible!


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