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Weekend cat bloggin' #160

Remenber WCB is here this weekend!

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Sprinkles needs yer vote!

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Voters’ winner is A! Now vote, vote vote fur Sprinkles!

Sprinkles 011
Clic the pikture or here to vote!


How to make Sprinkles a winner

  1. Furrst, you go to the link
  2. then you stay where it says “this photo is participating….”
  3. Click on super!
  4. Click many times as you want!

Sprinkles, you’re a winner!

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Pleez Vote!


Who has to be the photo for the UC (United Cats) photography contest?

Category: Kitten Love:


Vote A for:


Vote B for:


Vote C for:

Sprinkles again

Why? Sprinkles was such a cute girl, she has to be in the contest!

How to Vote?

Fur example:

If you like the second one

U will comment:

I want ot vote B

it’s easy!

Deadline: June 25

Quizzie Monday


Whoa, I reach the 360 visitors so quickly! and did you see the whole new banner? see?, I had to change the design to put it 😦 I liked the thirteen theme, but I like Greenery anyway


Today’s Quizzie monday belongs to Stifler, who tell me to translate he post to english, so here I come:

What did they say?

Stifler’s Killer sunflowers want to tell Stifler why they attack him (yes, everyone wants to eat Stifler hehee)

can you guess what is the answer?

 Stifler say the most creative wins! so use yer imagination! More

Quizzie: Are you okay


Yes, rainy season begins, but its a little summer hidden somewhere:

Sky is blue

let me see… the sky is blue, the hamster is brown, everything okay


Wordy Wednesday

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Nice cat pik

  1.  I’m furry happy because my blog has 100 visitors since 2 weeks ago!!! Thanks for visiting me and for breaking the hamster’s record 😉 More

Skary eye kantest!

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Deetz the doggie its making a Skary eye kantest and I’ll participate, here is my photo, sure it scares, if not, i’ll will atack you wif my LASER EYES!
I'm watching you when you...

Have a nice 5/5!