This post has to say how was Boris this week but I don’t see him today!, where’s that Ginger? I doesn’t matter (rigth now) so I will tell you some tattle tailz about today:

  1. Today’s first day of summer, or that I finked, we live in the center and we’re not in summer, we’re on rainy season! at the south, in countries like Argentina, it’s snowy! yep, climate’s crazy, she needs a psycologist.
  2. Talking about this, can you figure out what will happen in the center, longest day or shortest day of the year? It’s the shortest here!

Now with my blogging…


There’s another kitty! yes at the cat corner, there’s a pocketful of no-owner kittiesand the place where they are is called “cat corner” kidding, but why not to make a section on my blog called: ‘AT THE CAT CORNER’ ??? so I can tell you all the adventures at there:

At the cat corner…

Look! A new kitty

Who's there?

But, where is it, yes, she was sleeping, but then she wake up and….

Lazer eyes

She taked her laser eyes out so I can’t take moar photos, It was scary!


Tomorrow I’ll told you more about this kitties (and cats)