He's Boris

Meet Boris


4 years average

Complete name: Just Boris (no pedrigree 😦 )

Lives in: Where I live XD

Coloration: Orange and white half-tabby cat

Issues: No owner, hurts on his body, eternal sickness, feral

Yes, the photo one is Boris, well, Boris is my best frend, we share almost everything together. Borris has no owner, he lives outside. Anyone suspekts if he eats, drinks or even sleeps. He ‘lives’ with other non-owned cats, they doesn’t has many luck. Boris is just a nice cat, when he see me, he starts singing gladly, hes a gentlemancat, but he lives very sad because he has no fambly, very sad rigth?

Here’s some Bio I take frum his Catzter:

Boris is a cat that walks freely, with no owner, anyone knows how do he get his food, drinks or even where he sleeps, I want to help him because he is aprox 4 years, and he has too much to live, he has many hurts in his body, but I can’t pay his vet bill, the best thing I can do for him is: let out his ferally and then put it in adoption. He may be available at November of this year, so he can’t get his ferally out and can find his fur-ever home πŸ™‚

Yes, Nany wants to do somefing for him, she will make a de-feral program just for him, and maybe in november he could find his fur-ever home πŸ™‚


I love happy endings, spezzially in my best frendz πŸ™‚


Some notes:

1.Scroll down for movie monday πŸ™‚

2. Now my Catster fambly will show the hood’s no owner cats (like Boris), will be adoptable in November and THEY ARE NOT MY FAMBLY

3.Β  I’ll make the meme tomorrow, Chezzits !

PS: Visit Boris’:

Catster page

United cats page

He wantz frends πŸ™‚