Oh gosh! 650 Visitors! I wish I can reach  the 1000 this week because I has 1 month blogging and if I can reach 1000 in one month will be a world rekerd! Well, I’ll leave you with this interesting cat facts:

> Cat hearts beat twice as fast as human hearts

The hooman's heert

> Cat nose pads are unique like fingerprints

Pink nosie

> Cats are the only animals that purr. Cats purr at about 26 cycles per second

> A cat born with one blue eye is usually deaf in the ear closest to the blue eye

Cat with jest 1 bloo eye

> Cats almost never meow at another cat. They use this sound to communicate with humans

Cute cat

> Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door


> Feeding a cat dog food can cause blindness. Dog food lacks taurine, a nutrient essential for cat health. Taurine keeps their hearts healthy and their eyesight sharp

Dog food is baaad

> 32% of homeowners have at least one cat

Like me!

> A cat´s IQ is only surpassed by that of monkeys and chimps in the world of animals

Oh gosh, monkey and cat!

> Purring doesn´t necessarily mean a cat is happy. Sometimes cats will purr when they are scared or hurt

> Petting or stroking a cat has actually been proven to help in lowering one´s blood pressure

> One way a cat shows s/he trusts you is by rolling over on his/her back.

> A cat´s hearing is much stronger and more sensitive than a dog´s or a human´s. Our hearing stops at 20 khz; a cat´s at 65 khz

Cat with no ears?

> Cats have five toes on their front paws and four on their back paws. If a cat is polydactyl, s/he has extra toes

> Cats have over 100 vocals sounds, while dogs have only 10

Cat Pianoz

> Cats use their whiskers to determine if the space they are entering is big enough for them

> Only about 80% of cats have the gene that allows them to respond to the effects of catnip. The other 20% are not affected by it

Cat in effectz of Catnipz

> Cats get an average of 16 hours of sleep per day