Whoa, I reach the 360 visitors so quickly! and did you see the whole new banner? see?, I had to change the design to put it 😦 I liked the thirteen theme, but I like Greenery anyway


Today’s Quizzie monday belongs to Stifler, who tell me to translate he post to english, so here I come:

What did they say?

Stifler’s Killer sunflowers want to tell Stifler why they attack him (yes, everyone wants to eat Stifler hehee)

can you guess what is the answer?

 Stifler say the most creative wins! so use yer imagination!

I’ll put one: The biggy sunflower say: “Stella tells us to eats Stifler”

The below sunflower says:”Yes, it tastes delishus!”

And the other one is like ….

Stifler, am I okay?

Hey everybody, we have a new computer!

Wee hee!

Exclusevilee for our post and adventures! But it doesn’t has piks NOOOOOOOOOOOO! We’re passing all piks to Photobucket and Flickr and I hope I can show my photos of the week at my flickr album like all weeks at thursday, we apologize.