It's better to not wake me up...

I never met my mommy….

Sometimes I feel alone, but then I imagine histories of how she taked care of me…

One time I wrote in my journal:

Mommy and I were hunting lizards, I love lizards, but  her milky is better. I was walking happily when a big fing that makes woof wooof scare us, he bites mom and mom attack him, she said “run Stella”! I was thinking “mom will not make that, she love me and, If I run, she maybe die” Then she shout “Run!” And I don’t have another thing to do than run, so I did, I don’t know wut happened to her, but I always think about her, and I fink, wherever she is, she’s thinking about me, seriously

It was hard to write this journal entry, because every time I read I, I….cry. 😦

Now you hate yer mother?..think again, she’s there with you? Say thanks to God, and If she is no longer with us, but you meet her, say thanks again


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