Stifler mail me because he can post today on his bloggie, so he send me the fink he’s gonna post today (I fink he doesn’t know what is scheduled posts :S)

Here is it (translated):

Hi guys, mom take me more photos yesterday, so can you tell me if i’m getting well? I fell better but this leg stills bad:


James, do you fink this leg is well?


This leg really itchs!


I just fink I need moar resting

Kiss me

I just want a kiss mom (L)


Pleeeeeeez mom

Please tell me what do you think


PS: Thank you Daisy for letting me be a star of Sunday Comics!



So what do you think. I think Stifler is getting well, because the human doesn’t let it go outside before hmmmm, that’s weird 😮



PS: Sorry, yesterday I cancelled the Stella’s Saturdays for this week